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What is a truck driver's log book and can it help my truck accident injury claim?


If you were involved in a truck wreck, you may have heard someone mention something about the truck driver's log book. A log book for truckers is required by federal and state laws and it is basically a journal they keep of all of their activities: time on duty and off duty, how long they spent driving, and how long they spent sleeping. Lawmakers want to be sure that truck drivers and companies are following the rules because those in the trucking industry are notorious for driving too much and sleeping too little. Even if you don't drive a truck professionally, you know that operating a motor vehicle when you're tired is a recipe for disaster

A log book can be a key piece of evidence in a truck accident injury claim. Unfortunately, trucking companies already know this and may act quickly to hide, alter or destroy the book if they know it holds incriminating information.

The most important thing you can do after being injured in a truck accident is to contact an attorney right away. Acting quickly is always helpful in almost any kind of accident case, but this holds especially true for truck accident cases because trucking companies already know how this works. The second you were injured, they probably had their lawyers and insurance adjusters at the accident to assess the scene. They were already light years ahead of you before you ever left the hospital. Don't wait! Contact a personal injury attorney immediately and they may be able to issue a temporary restraining order that can prevent the trucker or truck company from tampering with the log book or other evidence that could be essential to your case.

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