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What on-the-job injuries are covered by Texas workers’ compensation benefits? Are there any injuries that would not be covered?


For most people, workers’ compensation is a tremendous benefit that a job offers. For minor injuries to serious illness and debilitation, workers’ comp can help keep a home and family financially stable until the injured party is able to return to work.

Of course, the description may sound to you like it is too good to be true – that any injury occurring at work is covered by these fantastic benefits. It sounds too good to be true because, in part, it is. No company in its right mind would blindly cover any workplace injury, because unfortunately many injuries occur because a worker is breaking company rules or even laws.

Most injuries that occur while you are performing your job will be covered by workers’ compensation. Even if you had a careless moment or a silly mistake, you are likely not a habitually negligent employee, or else you would no longer be an employee at your company. Problems do arise, however, when your act of carelessness was the result of a few specific actions:

  • The use of alcohol or illegal drugs at work.
  • The violation of company policy.
  • The violation of state or federal law.
  • Activities not related to your job.

If you have been injured on the job, your employer will likely investigate the incident to determine if you are guilty of any of the above actions. If you fear that your company may attempt to deny you your earned benefits for an injury that you incurred while performing your work honestly, you need a lawyer. Contact Houston workers’ compensation attorney Steve Lee now at 800-232-3711 to discuss your case with a skilled legal professional.

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