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What’s considered reckless driving behavior?

Reckless driving behavior is sometimes more dangerous than negligent driving because the motorist is well aware of the risks involved and the potential to cause injury. This type of driving can occur in various forms.

One type of behavior that may be considered reckless driving is road rage. The conditions are generally based on a driver becoming angry at another motorist. Whether the anger is justified or not (such as being cut off by another car), it should never turn into road rage.

Road rage can include following another driver too closely, or cutting in front of them and other reckless actions. It can even include chasing the vehicle, which can quickly turn into a crash.

Even without road rage, a driver may engage in reckless behavior by doing any of the following: 
  • speeding;
  • swerving in and out of traffic;
  • turning left in front of an oncoming vehicle;
  • knowingly violating traffic laws (such as going through a red light);
  • changing lanes without using a signal;
  • sudden, unnecessary braking;
  • tailgating; and
  • taking a turn too quickly. 

When it comes to accidents caused by a reckless driver, these conditions are preventable. You have every right to seek compensation when the end result is serious injuries.

In order to learn what your rights are and what types of damages you may be entitled to pursue after a car accident in Texas, a personal injury lawyer should be consulted. He or she can explain what legal options may be available and if your claim is worth filing.

Contacting a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

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