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Are Refrigerator Trucks Risky?

refrigerator truck accidentsMilk, meat, produce, medications, and other perishables often travel long distances before arriving at their destinations. To be safe for consumers, these products are transported in temperature-controlled vehicles known as refrigerator trucks.

Fleet companies in America transported approximately 16 billion tons of refrigerated freight in 2018. The projection for the next
10 years is roughly 22 billion tons.

Texas is a primary gateway to the United States for Mexican produce, and frequently has more refrigerated trucks on its roads than other states.

A refrigerator truck accident could occur if:

  • A truck driver is pressured to deliver. It's critical to get goods to their destination before they spoil. Drivers may be under pressure to speed or work long hours even if fatigued so cargo arrives as quickly as possible.
  • The truck driver isn't appropriately trained. Commercial drivers' licenses (CDLs) are often required for refrigerated truck operators, but many truckers need additional training. These commercial vehicles are particularly large and heavy because of the necessary cooling equipment and the weight of the cargo. Drivers need to know how to operate these cumbersome vehicles safely.
  • The truck isn't appropriately inspected or maintained. Any problems not promptly identified or fixed could present a serious hazard on the road, causing a trucker to lose control.

When a refrigerator truck collides with another vehicle or a pedestrian, injuries such as internal complications, broken bones, brain or spinal cord trauma, and other health issues may result.

Call a TX Truck Accident Lawyer for Help

The truck operator and the company he works for could both be legally responsible for your injuries. The skilled truck accident lawyers at Steven M. Lee, PC can help preserve critical evidence before it's destroyed, and file your claim before the statute of limitations expires. If you’ve been hurt in a refrigerator truck accident, please start a live chat with us now to schedule a free consultation.


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