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60 Year Verdict for DWI Offender who Killed Father and 2 Sons

Posted on Aug 12, 2010

A Galveston DWI offender was charged last week with a 60 year sentence for killing a father and his two sons.  The accident occurred on Mother’s Day 2009 when the driver, Orvel Speck, struck the victim’s parked car with his SUV on the seawall.  Speck, 46, said he has no memory of the accident.  He will not be eligible for parole until age 76.

According to Alcoholalert.com the number of deaths due to drunk drivers nationally has marginally decreased since 1982.  Unfortunately, "everything is bigger in Texas" holds true for drunk driving statistics and Texas is on top followed closely by California.


With all of the advertisements against drunk and buzzed driving and the serious legal ramifications why are there still over 3,000 reported deaths due to drunk driving each year?  Speck’s case is not uncommon and drunk drivers often leave the crash scenes unharmed or with minimal damages, having to live with the fact that they took innocent lives.

In Texas, first time DUI offenders are charged with a Class B Misdemeanor which includes up to a $2,000 fine, a jail sentence between 72 hours and six months, and community service between 24 and 100 hours.  It only goes up from there.

Knowing this, why do people still choose to drive intoxicated instead of calling a cab or designating a driver?  Although society is moving in the right direction, it still has so much farther to go.  How many more innocent lives must be lost due to the negligence and carelessness of these drunk drivers?

If you or someone you know has been injured in an Houston drunk driving accident, you should contact Steve Lee, an experienced Houston car accident attorney at (713) 921-4171 or (800) 232-3711.

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