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Houston Truck Accident on Highway 290 Ends With HazMat Spill, DUI

Posted on Sep 23, 2013

On the night of Tuesday, September 2, a tanker truck overturned following an accident with a smaller pickup truck on the outbound lanes of Highway 290. The pickup truck, according to police, failed to stay within a single traffic lane and struck the large tanker. The accident occurred around 9:15pm, and police arrived on the scene shortly after, only to find that the situation was much more complicated than a simple overturn.

The truck was carrying aluminum sulfate solution, which began leaking on the highway. In total, officials estimate that about 5,000 gallons spilled, while the remaining chemical was pumped into another tanker truck.

The accident scene was identified as a HazMat scene, and some responding Harris County deputies were treated for exposure after reporting feelings of dizziness. As an extra precaution, the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department ordered all patrons and employees of a nearby Buc-ees and restaurant to evacuate; in the initial hours following the crash, residents within a half mile radius were asked to remain in their homes.

No injuries were reported at the scene of the accident, but police suspected that the driver of the pickup truck, Michael Morrow of Cypress, was driving while intoxicated. Morrow was arrested and charged with DWI. It is his first offense, which is a misdemeanor, and he was freed on $500 bail.

Highway 290 reopened just before 1:00pm on Wednesday, September 4.

Houston truck accident attorney Steve Lee reminds his readers that driving drunk is not an option—call a cab or designated driver to avoid a mistake that could be unimaginably costly.

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