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Insight Provided for Houston Fire Truck Accident

Posted on Apr 28, 2009

A police report has revealed additional insight into the accident involving two fire trucks that killed a 29-year-old cyclist and injured nine firefighters.  According to the report, the driver of the pumper engine, Brian Edwards, stated that he was traveling westbound on Westheimer Road with lights and sirens blaring.

Edwards told investigators that his light was green on Dunlavy and that the ladder truck came into the intersection with no warning.  He said that he only had a couple of feet to react, so he braked and pulled left.  However, it was too late and Edwards’ truck crashed into the ladder truck.

Warren Ducote had been driving the ladder truck at the time of the crash.  He said that when they were on Hawthorne Street, the Westheimer light was green.  Ducote did not look at the light again.  He slowed down and looked left and then right, but didn’t see anything so he continued north on Dunlavy.  The truck was then hit and rolled over.

The Houston Police Department is still finishing its report into the accident.  The driver of the ladder truck is believed to have failed to use due caution, but that doesn’t mean there will be criminal charges in the death of the cyclist, Leigh Boone.

The Houston crash caused more than $1.2 million in property damage.

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