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One Dead, Two Injured in Houston Car Accident

Posted on Nov 27, 2009

A Houston car accident involving four vehicles leaves one person dead and two others injured. The incident took place at approximately 3:00 AM on Sunday morning, November 22, 2009, along the shoulder of North Freeway near Spring-Steubner.

According to Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the incident began when a driver pulled off onto the shoulder due to a flat tire.  A second vehicle pulled over as well. Police report that the two drivers knew one another. In response, two tow trucks had also pulled over to assist the drivers.

Investigators say that a fifth vehicle swerved onto the shoulder, as the two truck drivers were repairing the flat tire. The force of the impact caused the fifth car to roll over on the side of the freeway.

One of the two tow truck drivers was struck and was pronounced dead at the scene. The car also struck the other tow truck driver, as well as the driver of the disabled car. They were both transported by rescue workers to nearby hospitals were they were treated for injuries.

The driver of the fifth vehicle was also injured and transported to a nearby hospital. She has been identified as a female.

Police have not released the identities of any of the victims involved in the multi-vehicle crash.

The Houston car crash is still under investigation by local authorities. However, police did take a blood sample from the female driver. The results are pending.

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