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Congested Road Accidents on Texas Roadways

Roughly half of all traffic slowdowns are caused by routine congestion during a certain time of day, such as rush hour. Texas roadways are becoming increasingly congested every year, and this heavy traffic can contribute to serious accidents.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the most heavily-congested roads in the Houston area during 2017 were:

Road Segment: W Loop Fwy/IH 610
From: Katy Fwy/IH10/US90
To: Southwest Fwy/US 59/IH 69

Road Segment: Southwest Fwy/IH 69/US 59
From: W Loop Fwy/IH 610
To: South Fwy/SH 288

Road Segment: Eastex Fwy / IH 69 / US 59
From: SH 288
To: IH 10

Road Segment: Katy Fwy/IH10/US90
From: N Eldridge Pkwy
To: Sam Houston Tollway W

Road Segment: Gulf Fwy/IH 45
From: IH10/US 90
To: S Loop E Fwy/IH 610

Road Segment: North Fwy/IH 45
From: Sam Houston Tollway N
To: N Loop Fwy/IH 610

Congested Road Dangers

Traffic congestion plays a significant role in vehicle accidents. When congestion is combined with unsafe driving behaviors, an increase in the number of collisions is the inevitable result. Some of the most common driving behaviors that may cause accidents during periods of traffic congestion include:

  • Distracted driving. When motorists use smartphones to call or text, eat while behind the wheel, or become distracted by their navigation systems, their attention is diverted away from the road. This increases the risk of a collision, particularly during rush hour when traffic is heavy.
  • Impaired driving. This is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Impaired driving can lead to a lack of attention, poor judgement, and slowed reaction times, causing a collision during a period of heavy traffic congestion.
  • Aggressive driving. Many motorists are guilty of aggressive behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, running red lights, and failing to yield. This is particularly common during rush hour, when employees are in a hurry and running late to work.

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