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Alcohol and driving never mix. This is especially the case when motorcycles on the roads in and around Houston, TX are involved, because the people driving and riding on these bikes are in the gravest of danger at the sight of any oncoming wreck, crash or accident with another vehicle.

Because there is less protection built around the driver and passenger on a motorcycle, there is less room for error. Drinking and driving blurs the line between conscientiousness and dangerous activity—it is always a reckless act—further putting those on a motorcycle in Houston, TX at risk of a crash.

When a Houston, TX DWI car or motorcycle wreck happens, the results can be devastating. Broken bones, severe road rash, and serious back, neck, and head injuries are all-too-common consequences of these types of wrecks. When motorcycles crash, permanent disability and even loss of life is a continual possibility.

When a person has one too many and gets behind the wheel (or handlebars) they put everyone around them at risk. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of this type of irresponsible behavior, it is understandable if you feel cheated or angry. The good news is that there may be something you can do about your situation.

If you or a family member has been injured in a Houston, TX DWI car or motorcycle crash, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation as a result. This money may cover your medical bills, ongoing costs, and much, much more. But your legal rights need to be protected if you have any chance at recovering damages.

The best way for you to proceed after being victimized in a Houston, TX DWI car or motorcycle wreck—no matter your involvement in the crash—is to at least contact an experienced attorney. This lawyer can be a great asset to you, helping to determine what your legal rights are and if you have a case.

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