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How to Avoid Potential Mistakes in Your Maritime Case

Injured maritime workers are entitled to compensation, but mistakes made during the claims process can interfere with a successful resolution of the claim.

Common Maritime Claim Mistakes

There are a few mistakes maritime workers often make that may prevent them from receiving the compensation they deserve:

  • Only seeing the ship doctor. When a worker is seriously injured at sea, he may need to visit the physician aboard the ship for diagnosis and treatment. However, it is critically important to follow up with another physician for a second opinion as soon as possible. Since the ship’s doctor typically works for the maritime employer or vessel owner, he has a powerful financial incentive to minimize treatment costs and return workers to the job as soon as possible. That may be great for maritime companies, but it can be devastating to the health of their employees.
  • Returning to work right away. Financial pressure due to mounting medical bills and lack of income may prompt injured maritime workers to return to their jobs too soon. An employee who resumes work before his injuries are healed is jeopardizing both his health and his financial recovery. The insurance company may use his premature return to work as an excuse to limit compensation by arguing his injuries really aren’t that serious. The smartest move an injured maritime worker can make is to follow his doctor’s advice, stick to the treatment plan, and delay a return to work until he heals.
  • Failing to get help. Maritime employees sometimes attempt to represent themselves when filing injury claims. Unfortunately, the companies they work for have skilled legal representatives gathering evidence, hiring expert witnesses, and preparing a strong defense. Injury victims should be represented by an attorney who’s equally skilled.

You Need Representation

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