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Avoid Busy Parking Lots on Black Friday

Despite a few major retailers announcing store closures on what has traditionally been the busiest shopping day of the year, you can still expect millions of people to be out on the roads the day after Thanksgiving looking for holiday bargains. What does this mean to the average person? It could mean a fender-bender, or worse, a major car accident.

A New Addition to an Infamous Top Ten List

Now coming in at number three on the list of the ten worst days for driving in the United States, it wasn’t long ago that no one really considered Black Friday to be a risky day to drive. Sure, drunks on St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve force responsible drivers to stay off the roads, but whoever thought of holiday shoppers as hazardous drivers? It turns out, short tempers, the pressure to find bargains, and early-morning wake-ups all contribute to crashes on the biggest shopping day of the year.

If You Have to Go Out for That Hot Toy, Here’s How to Be Safe

According to a Progressive Insurance study of car crash claims made for accidents occurring on Black Friday, many of the accidents happen in parking lots. In fact, claims for parking lot crashes are nearly double on Black Friday compared to a regular Friday. These crashes are entirely preventable by following a few simple rules:

  • Drive slowly. The maximum speed in a parking lot is 15 mph. Stick to that and be very aware of pedestrians, especially children, darting out from between cars.
  • Park accurately. Take the time to properly center your car in the parking space. Crowding the lines can result in door dings and being side-swiped by a less cautious driver.
  • Keep calm. You may be enjoying your day of shopping, but many people are stressed, tired, and disappointed. Avoid conflict and don’t challenge someone for a parking space. You never know how he or she may react.
  • Burn off the turkey. Let’s face it, we could all use a little exercise the day after Thanksgiving. Park way out and walk in. Your car will be safer and you will avoid the aggressive best-spot seekers closer to the store.

If you are the victim of an aggressive driver on Black Friday this year, Steve Lee can help you make sure the fault lands squarely on the responsible driver’s shoulders. Don’t let a bad driver ruin the whole holiday season. Call Steve now.

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