Vehicle Accidents on Rural Roads

Given the number of fatal accidents that occur on rural roads, they can be considered more dangerous than urban ones. In fact, the majority of passenger vehicle and large truck occupant deaths occur in rural areas. Those roads traveled the least tend to be the most deadly, with most highway fatalities occurring on rural roads. In 2013, 53 percent of fatal traffic crashes occurred in rural areas.

Dangers of Rural Roads

While country roads may seem serene, there are a number of environmental factors that make them more dangerous than many urban roads. These include:

  • Rural roads are often poorly lit.
  • Drivers are less likely to be familiar with rural roads than they are with urban roads.
  • Wild animals, such as deer, elk, and moose, are more likely to dash into traffic in rural areas.
  • Rural roads are often winding, with steep curves.
  • Local agencies sometimes lack the funds necessary to properly maintain rural roads.
  • Drivers are often more tempted to speed on rural roads, since they don’t expect the area to be actively patrolled by law enforcement.
  • The remote nature of rural roads encourages drivers to forego wearing their seat belts, leading to more serious injuries in a collision.
  • If a collision occurs, emergency vehicles may not be able to reach the scene quickly, given the remote nature of many rural roads.

Rural Road Safety

The best way to stay safe while driving on rural roads is to obey all traffic laws. Speed limits, seat belts, and traffic signs are all designed to improve transportation safety, but they’re only effective when they are adhered to. Drivers can also improve safety by exercising extra caution in areas with poor visibility, winding roads, and an abundance of wildlife.

You Need an Attorney

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