Serious Injuries and Amputations From Truck Accidents

Amputations From Truck Accidents

Truck collisions can lead to devastating injuries, including amputations. Sixteen percent of amputations in the United States are caused by physical trauma. Amputation is one of the worst imaginable accident injuries, and it has the ability to change a crash victim’s life forever. Amputation is physically and emotionally painful, and it also imposes a heavy financial burden.

Amputation Injury Causes

Amputation is defined as the removal of any extremity, such as a foot or an entire leg. A limb may be separated from the body during an accident, but most amputations are surgical due to the limb being damaged beyond repair.

There are three typical causes of amputations resulting from vehicle accidents:

  • An extremity experienced severe trauma during the collision
  • A limb has poor blood flow
  • The area is infected, and the infection is spreading

Living With Amputation

Amputation has a long recovery process. Skin takes time to heal, and amputees must relearn how to perform basic daily tasks. Once the wound has healed, often a prosthetic limb can be attached. Extensive rehabilitation is required in order to adjust to life with a prosthesis.

Amputations typically result in huge medical bills, including the cost of surgery, prescriptions for pain relievers and antibiotics, prosthetic limbs, and physical therapy. Amputation victims are frequently unable to work as much as they did prior to the accident, leading to lost income. They may also experience severe emotional distress, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Amputation Damages

To recover fair compensation after an amputation injury caused by a truck accident, you need representation from an experienced attorney. Your lawyer must prove that someone else was at fault for the collision, and establish the value of your claim. To do so, he may gather evidence from the scene of the collision, investigate the cause of the crash, and obtain the necessary medical documentation.

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