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Refinery Burn Injuries

Petroleum refining is one of the largest industries in Texas, accounting for one-third of our nation’s crude production. Oil refineries provide many lucrative jobs for citizens of the state, but workers at these facilities are at risk of severe burn injuries.

Types of Burns

The equipment and substances used in refinery operations create a dangerous mix of potential hazards, which may lead to:

  • Thermal burns. These injuries can be divided into two categories: dry thermal and wet thermal. Dry thermal involves flames and radiant heat, while wet thermal involves steam and hot liquids. Extreme heat can lead to painful, severe burns, causing long-lasting scarring and disfigurement. In addition to skin and tissue damage, many thermal burn victims also experience lung damage from the inhalation of extremely hot air.
  • Electrical burns. If a refinery worker comes into contact with a live electrical source, he may sustain severe burns that cause extensive damage to the subdermal layers of his skin. These burns can also lead to muscle damage, shock from the resulting blood loss, cardiac complications, and permanent scarring.
  • Chemical burns. Refinery explosions may cause the release of extremely toxic chemicals, such as hydrofluoric acid. Corrosive and caustic substances can cause short-term skin irritation and blisters, as well as serious long-term damage to the skin, lungs, and eyes. In the most severe cases, chemical burn victims may cough up blood and have difficulty breathing.

You Need an Attorney

Tragic refinery accidents can often be traced back to employer negligence, such as management’s failure to maintain, repair, or replace defective equipment.

When you suffer burn injuries due to a refinery accident, you’re left to struggle with physical, mental, and emotional pain. Your injuries may require years of expensive treatment followed by a long recovery period. You need an experienced attorney to help you receive the compensation you deserve. To learn more, contact the law offices of Steve M. Lee, P.C., by using the form on this page.

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