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Common Maritime Accidents Covered by the Jones Act

Maritime employers owe their workers a safe vessel, properly functioning equipment, and adequate training to perform their jobs safely. When an employer is negligent in the fulfillment of these duties, injured workers may be entitled to recover damages under the Jones Act.

Jones Act Accidents

When maritime workers are injured due to these conditions, they may be entitled to compensation under the Jones Act:

  • Defective and poorly maintained equipment. Malfunctioning equipment aboard vessels can cause many different types of injuries, including fractures, broken bones, back injuries, and amputation. Employers who fail to provide turbines, winches, cranes, and heavy cables that are properly maintained and safe to use may be liable under the Jones Act.
  • Assault. Workplace assaults may result in physical injuries that lead to scarring and disfigurement, disability, and emotional distress. Employers must take precautions against workplace violence, such as conducting background checks on new hires; screening them for mental health issues; and drug and alcohol testing. If they fail to do so, an assault victim may be entitled to pursue a Jones Act claim against his employer.
  • Improper training. Inadequate training can lead to serious accidents, including slips, trips, and falls on decks; machinery and equipment accidents; and falling overboard. Employers must give crew members occupational and safety training, such as instruction on proper machinery operation, emergency procedures, and the correct use of safety equipment.
  • Inadequate medical care. Seamen who are injured or succumb to illness aboard a vessel are entitled to proper medical treatment. Employers have a responsibility to provide quality healthcare while workers are at sea. If an employer offers substandard medical care, employees can pursue a claim under the Jones Act.

Receiving Compensation

If you’ve been injured aboard a maritime vessel, you must demonstrate an element of negligence on the part of your employer or the ship’s owner to qualify for compensation under the Jones Act.

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