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Truck Accident Legal Strategies

Commercial truck accident cases are often complicated, requiring the careful development of a comprehensive legal strategy by an experienced personal injury attorney.

Avoidance of Liability

In the aftermath of an accident, a trucking company’s insurance carrier will do everything possible to minimize its payment of claims, including:

  • Convincing injury victims to admit fault. Insurance adjusters may attempt to convince claimants to take partial responsibility for the collision, in order to reduce the trucking company’s liability.
  • Ignoring phone calls. Insurance adjusters frequently stop taking phone calls from claimants. They know that the longer they delay payment, the more likely the claimant is to tire of waiting and accept a low settlement offer.
  • Taking advantage of the statute of limitations. Insurance adjusters know that claimants only have a limited time window during which they can pursue compensation. If they can delay the processing of a claim long enough, the statute of limitations may run out.

Developing a Legal Strategy

An experienced truck accident attorney is the best antidote to these insurance company tactics. He can employ a legal strategy that includes:

Identifying the responsible parties

Vehicle accident victims may not be aware of all the parties responsible for their injuries. An attorney can identify the potential defendants in a truck accident case, maximizing the victim’s potential recovery. These parties may include:

  • Employers
  • Insurance carriers
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Trucking companies
  • Government entities

Gathering evidence

A truck collision case requires a more comprehensive collection of evidence than the typical vehicle accident claim. This evidence may be divided into several different categories, including the:

  • Driver. Driver-related evidence may include his training file, hours of service documents, inspection records, and post-collision drug and alcohol test results.
  • Truck. Truck-related evidence often includes the vehicle’s maintenance and inspection history, and data from onboard systems such as the engine control module, brake module, and GPS tracking systems.
  • Cargo. This evidence might include dispatch instructions, bills of lading, weight tickets, and delivery documents.

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