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Important Documents to Keep After a Construction Accident

Construction sites have numerous potential hazards to employee safety. Employers have a responsibility to protect their workers from harm. A company that fails to keep workers safe may be held liable for any injuries sustained due to a workplace accident.

The Importance of Documentation

There are a few steps employees injured while on a worksite must take to support their claims, including:

  • Notify the employer. An injured construction worker has to protect his or her rights by notifying the employer as soon as possible about the accident. Employees who fail to report their injuries within 30 days risk denial of workers’ compensation benefits. Workers should maintain records of all communication with their employers regarding their injuries.
  • Take photos. Employees should take pictures of their injuries, as well as the worksite where the injury occurred. They also need photos of any heavy machinery or equipment that caused their accidents.
  • Gather medical records. Construction injury victims must see a doctor promptly after a workplace accident. Seeking medical care right away protects a worker’s health, and the resulting medical records serve as documentation of the injuries and recovery process.
  • Keep a journal. Workplace injury victims should maintain a written record of their symptoms and medical visits. This includes any relevant details about the impact of injuries on the worker’s life. When everything is written down, injured employees needn’t worry about forgetting any important details.

Talk to a Construction Injury Attorney

If you were hurt while working on a construction site, you need documentation of the accident and your resulting injuries to support your claim. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney can help you gather together the essential documentation to collect the damages you deserve for medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

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