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Surveillance After a Maritime Injury

Maritime workers injured on the job often wonder if their employers are really allowed to obtain video surveillance of their activities. When this evidence is secured in response to their filing of a maritime injury claim, the answer is generally yes. Any suspicious activity recorded will be used against an injured employee in an effort to reduce or deny his claim.

Reasons for Video Surveillance

Maritime employers frequently hire private investigators to obtain video evidence of the activities of an injured worker, in order to demonstrate that the employee:

  • Misrepresented his injuries. If video surveillance shows that an injured maritime employee is capable of doing work which he testified he can no longer perform, this evidence can seriously undermine his injury claim.
  • Performs manual labor. The degree to which an employee was injured is one of the primary factors impacting the value of a maritime injury claim. If an employer obtains video surveillance of an employee performing strenuous work, this evidence may severely limit the damages he can collect.
  • Engages in regular tasks. Even when a maritime employee hasn’t lied about his injuries or hasn’t been caught performing strenuous tasks, surveillance can still be used against him. Evidence that simply shows an injured worker performing everyday activities may jeopardize his claim. An accident victim must demonstrate that his injuries had a significant impact on his life, so video surveillance showing him engaged in routine activities may trivialize his ailments.

Challenging Surveillance Evidence

If you were injured in a maritime accident, your employer will likely attempt to obtain surveillance video of your activities. An experienced maritime injury attorney can provide valuable advice regarding life under surveillance, and challenge your employer’s assumptions and assertions.

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