Am I covered under the Jones Act if I’m hurt while working on a tugboat?

You’ve worked on a tugboat in the Gulf of Mexico for many years and have considered yourself lucky, as you haven’t been involved in an accident. However, many seamen around you have experienced serious injuries from falls, the hawser, and lifting heavy equipment.

Seeing your fellow seamen become so injured that they can’t return to work has you wondering what you would do. You have a family to support and if you can’t work, you don’t know how you would provide for them.

The Jones Act and Tugboat Accidents

The Jones Act was established in the 1920s to help injured seamen get compensation for accidents at sea. Will it cover you if you’re hurt?

  • When the Jones Act can help. Typically, sailors who are injured at sea are able to take action against their employers when the accident is due to the employer’s negligence. Usually, the accident must occur in navigable waters in order to be eligible. However, the Jones Act may also cover accidents that occur onshore while engaging in work-related business or during the commute to work.
  • What is covered. Seamen who are injured on the job can seek compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages under the Jones Act. Workers can also file for negligence under the act to receive additional compensation.
  • The Jones Act can also help family members. If a seaman dies while working on a tugboat, the Jones Act allows his family members to bring a wrongful death complaint against the employer.

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