Am I demanding too much for my car crash settlement?

Victims of car crashes have many questions, and some of the most common questions are generally about the compensation involved in personal injury settlements. People want to know what their injury claims are worth, what the value of their injuries are, how much they should demand from the insurance company, and what they should settle their case for. And rightfully so. It is very important to a victim’s financial future that he receive the full amount of compensation he is due.

Although anyone who suffers an injury in a car crash wants the maximum compensation from the insurance company, it is critical to the outcome of your case that you ask for just the right amount. If you ask for too much money without the proper documents and supporting reasons, the insurance company will not take you seriously. In fact, it may anger the insurance adjuster—or signal to him that you don’t know what you’re doing.

Just as we tell our clients to beware of insurance adjusters offering too little (as the insurance adjuster’s initial offer is generally very low), we also warn our clients of demanding too much money. Your demand for compensation should be supported by your doctor bills, hospital bills, pharmacy bills, physical therapy bills, psychological counseling costs, lost income, future lost wages, future medical care costs, and other future expenses related to your injuries (such as hiring a housekeeper, in-home nurse, etc.).

If you are pursuing a claim on your own, it is very important that you are thorough in documenting all of your past and current bills or reasonable future expenses related to the crash. Although it may be tedious and frustrating to obtain all of these documents and make sure you have all of your past and future expenses accounted for, it is critical you do so in order to get the right amount of compensation from the insurance company.

The challenging part of an injury claim is the value you can place on pain and suffering and the other losses you suffered as a result of the crash. Sometimes, expert witnesses and supporting evidence is needed to strengthen your case and challenge the insurance company’s offer. This is why hiring an experienced personal injury attorney—especially if you have a serious injury—can help you recover the right amount of compensation you are due. Even if you aren’t sure you want to hire a lawyer to handle your case, most personal injury lawyers will offer you a free consultation to evaluate your case. Please don’t hesitate to contact our law firm. We would be honored to take a look at your case without any cost or obligation.

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