Are substitute teachers eligible to receive workers’ comp?

You received a call from Travis Elementary in Houston asking if you could substitute for a teacher who had a family emergency and couldn’t make it in. You happily accepted and looked forward to interacting with the students. You had no idea that by the end of the day you would end up in the emergency room at Houston Methodist.

Classes returning from a muddy playground created a big mess in the hallway and the school custodian cleaned it up. Unfortunately, she forgot to place wet floor signs where the accident took place, and you slipped and fell on your back and fractured your tailbone. The pain and the inability to walk have put you out of work.

Can Workers’ Compensation Help You?

Since you’re not a permanent employee of the Houston ISD, you’re not sure if you’re eligible to receive workers’ comp, but could really use it now that you can’t work. You will be happy to learn that substitute teachers are covered under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Law. This means you could receive money that can help with medical bills and time lost from work because of your injury. It is important, however, that you follow the appropriate steps after your injury to protect your claim later, including the following:

  • Notification. Be sure to notify the correct person when you’re injured. Typically, you should report your injuries to the principal of the school building and the human resources manager of the district. Even if you aren’t yet sure if you sustained serious injuries because of the accident, you should still report it.
  • Paperwork. You’ll also need to fill out an accident report and file it with the building and district office.
  • Medical Treatment. Seek medical treatment immediately and keep a copy of all records of emergency room, doctor’s office, and physical therapy visits.

Get Smart About Protecting Your Rights

When employees are hurt on the job, they are often filled with questions about what they can do. Fortunately, attorney Steve Lee has the answers. Our legal team can help you seek workers’ comp and protect your rights. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation regarding your situation.

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