Can a school bus driver receive workers’ compensation when involved in a crash while on the job?

As a bus driver, you take your job seriously. You are responsible for getting dozens of children to school safely each day, so you do your best to drive carefully. Unfortunately, one of the most dangerous intersections in Houston is on your route and you aren’t able to avoid it: Westheimer and Highway 6. This crossing has seen its fair share—and more—of accidents over the years, and today you became one of its many victims: a tractor trailer ran through the red light and crashed into the side of the bus. Fortunately, you had already dropped off your passengers, but you were injured.

Are You Eligible for Workers’ Comp?

Your injuries have left you unable to work, but you still need money to survive. What can you do? Because you were hurt while you were performing the duties of your job, you should be entitled to receive compensation. If you were on your way to or from home when involved in the accident, however, you likely won’t qualify for the benefits since you weren’t actively working, but that may depend on your contract. Even if you were at fault in the accident, you should still qualify for workers’ comp if you follow the proper protocol after the accident.

Workers’ Compensation Cases Are Complicated

Workers’ comp shouldn’t be complicated, but oftentimes it is, especially in a situation like this. Having an attorney on your side can make the process less stressful and easier to understand. Plus, it increases your chances of getting the help you are entitled to. Attorney Steve Lee has helped many employees in the Houston area receive the compensation they needed, and may be able to do the same for you. Visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for important and informative updates!

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