Can I sue after an accident in Houston, TX with an ambulance?

Yes. As you know if you read the article on our main page, “Accidents with Emergency Vehicles,” crashes between cars and emergency vehicles in Houston, TX are quite common. Some of the most likely causes of this type of auto accident wreck are high speeds, failure to yield right of way, and negligence on the part of the emergency vehicle driver.

Emergency vehicles encompass a wide range of purposes. However, this applies mainly to the fire trucks, ambulances, and police cruisers that you see on area roads on a daily basis. While these emergency vehicles and the heroes that drive them are invaluable to the functioning of our society, these vehicles also pose an unfortunate but inherent risk for all those on the roadways.

If you or a loved one has been caught up in a Houston, TX wreck with an emergency vehicle, you know firsthand how difficult these crashes can be. Due to the high speeds and force that emergency vehicles bring to collisions, it is usually all the others involved that end up paying the high price of serious injury or even loss of life.

Some people think that if they are injured in a wreck with an emergency vehicle, unlike that of a civilian vehicle, they have no legal rights to earn financial compensation in a personal injury suit afterward, even if they were not responsible for causing the crash. This is just not true.

Cases against emergency vehicles are difficult to win because when responding to an emergency, they are afforded rights not normally given to regular drivers. However, they are not totally immune. If an emergency vehicle was negligent and caused your accident, the driver still must be held responsible for the damage.

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