My mother’s driving habits have become unsafe. How can I convince my elderly mother to give up her driver’s license?

This can be such a delicate subject for some people, but it is great that you are trying to be sensitive to your mother’s needs while also protecting innocent individuals on Houston’s roadways.

Aging is never easy, and that loss of freedom that driving provides can be devastating to a person. Knowing this, it is important that you approach your mother in a kind and honest manner with a genuine concern for her safety and the safety of others. If there are other family members or close friends who have seen how she drives and they share your concern, ask if they will help you talk to her. You could also speak with your mother’s doctor about this because they may be able to talk to her about what is happening to her body and how that is affecting her ability to operate a motor vehicle.

Alternative Transportation Opportunities for the Elderly

One reason some elderly people continue to drive is because they aren’t aware of their other transportation options. They are afraid that if they stop driving, they will have no way to visit friends, go to the grocery store or attend church services. Before you approach your mother, consider mapping out some of her other transportation options so that she isn’t able to use that as an excuse. Talk to her about local public transportation, calling a taxi cab, or asking friends or family to take her places. If your mother is still able to walk easily, she may considering walking more often; if not, a motorized wheelchair could be a good option. Many community groups and medical centers will also offer free shuttles to elderly people, so definitely look into that more as well.

We see far too many car accidents in Houston cause by drivers who should not be behind the wheel of a vehicle, so if you’re concerned about a loved one who may need to stop driving, don’t be afraid to speak up.

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