The parking lot at my gym is so busy now with people trying to get fit for the new year. How can I avoid getting into a parking lot car accident?

Isn’t it funny how your gym parking lot suddenly fills up after the first day of the new year? It’s great that so many people are trying to make a commitment to get healthy, but the parking lot can definitely become an overwhelming, dangerous place during this time. You can’t change this, but you can change the way you handle the situation. By making a few small alterations to your normal gym routine, you’ll decrease your chances of getting into a parking lot accident and give yourself some peace of mind.

  • Reconsider the time of your workout. The busiest times at the gym are traditionally mid-morning (8am-11am) and early evening (4pm-7pm). If you can avoid hitting the gym during these popular times, the parking lot will be a lot less crowded and you’ll have a better chance of snagging your favorite piece of gym equipment.
  • Stop trying to find the closest spot. It’s almost ingrained in us that we need to try to find the parking spot that is the closest to the building. Everyone in that gym parking lot is clamoring for the “best” spot, so you should do the opposite – park far away. You’re going to the gym to workout, so just consider the walk from your car to the door as your warm up.
  • Slow down. This may seem like a no-brainer, but now is not the time to hit the gas. Go much slower than you normally would so you are able to anticipate and avoid any potential accidents.

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