Under what circumstances might my Texas Workers Compensation claim be denied?

If you suffer injuries while on the job, you possibly may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation in Texas, regardless of where the fault lies.

There are a few situations that may exempt you from benefits, though, which can be fully explained by a Texas work injury attorney.

Employees may be denied workers’ compensation benefits if:

  • they were injured “by an act of God”;
  • they purposely injured themselves;
  • they injured themselves while horse playing or trying to injure someone else;
  • they were intoxicated;
  • they were injured by another person for personal reasons;
  • they sustained an injury while participating in some type of off-work activity.

You may also be denied benefits if you do not strictly adhere to Texas’ workers’ comp rules and guidelines, or fail to follow the directives in a timely manner.

The above list comprises legitimate reasons why an employee may be denied benefits. Unfortunately, there are many employees whose benefits are wrongly denied, too. Some employers or insurance carriers may make mistakes or may not act in good faith.

That is why, if you are seriously injured, you should seek medical assistance, particularly your own doctor, who you feel you can trust to evaluate your injuries accurately. Your doctor appointments can act as evidence later on that shows just how serious your injuries were or are.

If your claim has been wrongly denied, if you are unsatisfied with the type or amount of benefits you have been given, or if you are having difficulties obtaining your benefits, it is imperative to acquire legal counsel from an experienced Texas work injury attorney.

Contacting a Texas Work Injury Attorney

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