What are tricks the insurance company uses after a truck accident?

No one likes to feel like they are being tricked or taken advantage of, especially after they have been seriously injured in a truck accident that was definitely not their fault. If you are currently in this situation, here are a few tricks to look out for when the trucker’s insurance company comes calling:

They act like they care. When we are hurt or not feeling well, it’s always nice when someone asks how we are doing and takes a real interest in helping us. When the insurance company first gets in touch with you, they may act like this…but don’t be fooled. They don’t care how you feel. They want you to let your guard down a little so they can get you to say something that will hurt your chances of receiving a fair settlement.

They delay. If an insurance company keeps delaying your settlement, that means they still haven’t had to pay you. They may try to give you a million different excuses for weeks and months as to why things cannot move forward, and it may take a while before you realize you are being strung along on purpose. In delaying your case, insurance companies are hoping you will get so frustrated that you give up or decide to accept their low-ball settlement offer. Speaking of low ball settlement offers…

They will try to offer you less money than you deserve. The insurance company knows that you are in a tough spot right now, and they hope that even if they offer less money than you need that you will just take it out of desperation. Don’t do it! Contact Attorney Steve Lee right away and let him handle the insurance company.

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