What can I do if my workers’ comp claim was denied?

When you were hurt on the job, you followed the workers’ compensation protocol to a T: you notified your employer, you received treatment, and you completed and submitted the forms on time. Unfortunately, you were still denied benefits.

The eye injury you sustained at work has made it impossible for you work and, as a result, the bills are piling up. Without workers’ comp, you’re afraid you may lose your house.

Getting a Second Chance At Workers’ Compensation

Fortunately, the state of Texas allows those who are denied workers’ comp a chance to appeal the decision. However, you must take the following steps in order to be considered:

  • Contact your employer. The first step in appealing a denied claim is contacting your employer or its insurance company. Inquire about any missing information or improper form completion, as this could be why you were turned down. You may be able to fix the error easily.
  • Request a Benefit Review Conference. Get in touch with the Division of Workers’ Compensation of the Texas Department of Insurance and request a meeting, called a benefit review conference. At this meeting, you, your employer, and a representative from the agency will try to resolve the matter, which could result in a settlement offer for you.
  • Taking legal action. The next step in appealing your denied workers’ comp involves legal action. Having an experienced attorney who is familiar with Texas workers’ comp law is your best chance at getting the decision you want and deserve.

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