What charter boats options are available in the Houston area?

You’ve always wanted to work on the water, and heard that some of your friends have had success working aboard charter boats. You went on a few interviews and decided on a boat that leaves out of the Port of Houston.

Unfortunately, you weren’t prepared for the type of work required on this particular charter boat. It didn’t help matters that conditions on the ship weren’t safe. As a result, you ended up hurting your knee and needed surgery to repair it. Now you’re not sure who is liable for your injury.

Do You Know What Type of Charter Boat You’re About to Board?

Whether you want to work on a charter boat or simply take one out for the day, it’s important to know what you’re about to get into. The following are three kinds of charter boats you might come across:

  • Skippered charter. In this charter, a vessel is hired, along with a captain and sometimes crew to drive the boat and take care of the guests. This type of charter is common for yachts and other large vessels that require specialized knowledge to operate.
  • Bareboat charter. Also called a “demise charter,” this type of charter only includes the vessel; the driving and care of the vessel is up to the person who hires the boat. However, the person who charters the boat may hire a captain and crew for the voyage.
  • Time charter or voyage charter. This vessel comes with a captain and crew that typically work exclusively on that boat. This set-up allows the boat owner to retain possession of the boat through the cruise.

If Negligence Caused Your Injury, We Can Help

If the owner of the boat didn’t provide you with safe conditions and you were injured at sea, attorney Steve Lee wants to help. We may be able to get you compensation that can cover your medical bills and time lost from work.

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