What consequences can I expect from severe facial scarring caused by a truck accident?

Injury recovery from a truck accident is a long and frustrating road that many victims must travel. Pain, stress, and uncertainty about the future can impede their healing. Unfortunately, many of those who have suffered severe lacerations or trauma to the face must deal with the recurrence of this pain, trauma, and anxiety every time they look in a mirror.

Facial scarring from a truck accident injury is not only a constant reminder of the incident, but it’s also a constant symbol of imperfection for many survivors. As a result, facial scarring is not only skin deep; it can cut into the mind and cause a variety of psychological wounds that may take years to fully heal.

Psychological Scarring Risks

The goal of injury recovery is to provide treatment and time for your body to heal. The nature of the injury may determine the course of recovery. Bruises and fractures are usually able to mend over time with little evidence that they ever occurred in the first place. However, more severe injuries can leave behind cruel reminders of themselves in the form of scars. Depending on the location of these scars, their existence can actually cause more damage than the initial injury by causing:

  • Physical discomfort. Scars can impede a person’s ability to speak, eat, talk, and make facial expressions. What’s more, if the facial injury requires surgery, additional recovery time can be long and grueling…and extraordinarily expensive.
  • Disfigurement. When facial scars lead to disfigurement, the effects can be traumatic. Scar tissue cannot be removed, but scars can sometimes be relocated or minimized through cosmetic surgery—but traditional health insurance typically won’t pay for cosmetic procedures. However, injury claims can help fund surgery for severe disfigurement if the procedure can improve a victim’s quality of life.
  • Mental anguish. Most victims of truck accidents can continue on with their lives and forget the traumatic incident happened—or at least put it behind them—after their wounds have healed. Those who have suffered facial scarring, however, find that reminders are literally in front of them at all times. It’s almost like having to confront the accident every single day—to look at themselves is to look at their accident. As a result, many facial scar victims suffer anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and antisocial behavior.

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