What is the right way to buckle in my child’s car seat?

Making sure your child stays safe is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a parent. Driving safely and preparing your child for the ever-present possibility of a car wreck requires both planning and execution. A primary extension of this responsibility is ensuring that your child is properly restrained in a car seat, to help prevent serious harm in the case of a Houston car accident.

The type of car seat your child needs will vary, depending on his or her age and size, but one thing is always true: The car seat needs to be installed and buckled correctly. Otherwise, the worst-case scenario could unfold if you find yourself involved in a Houston car wreck.

When installing your child’s car seat, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions very closely. Attach the car seat securely and ensure that it is not loose or prone to shifting. If you can move the seat more than an inch in either direction, that means the seat is too loose. Either tighten the locking mechanism or take the car seat out and start again.

Once you have the car seat properly installed, follow these steps to make sure that your child is properly secured. Taking these few quick steps could help your child avoid being seriously harmed in the event that you are involved in Texas car crash:

  • Use the harness in the car seat to buckle your child into the seat.
  • Be sure that the harness is secure but is not so tight that your child has trouble breathing.
  • Place diaper bags or stuffed animals around your child for stability and comfort.
  • Always use a child’s car seat or a booster seat until your child has grown large enough for the car’s seat belt to fit properly without the use of a child’s seat or booster seat. The shoulder belt should never cross over your child’s neck or face, and the lap belt should fit snuggle over your child’s thighs.

Also, do not EVER take your child out of the car seat while you are driving or hold your baby on your lap when you are behind the wheel—even if you are just going a very short distance. Your child’s safety is too important to risk.

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