What types of disability are compensated by the Defense Base Act?

Defense Base Act (DBA) workers are at daily risk of life-threatening injuries. Some employees may only require benefits for a few months until their injuries have healed, while those who suffer permanent disabilities could potentially be eligible for Defense Base Act benefits for the rest of their lives. In order to determine how long you may collect DBA benefits, your injury will be classified into one of four disability categories:

  • Temporary total disability. Temporary total disability (TTD) is awarded to DBA claimants who cannot return to work and who have not yet reached maximum medical improvement. Most injured workers will be eligible for TTD, which pays two-thirds of your average weekly wage, in the initial weeks after their accidents.
  • Temporary partial disability. Temporary partial disability (TPD) is used less frequently than TTD, and is collected by injured workers who can perform light duty work while they recover. If the light duty work pays less than your usual rate, TPD is used to make up the difference.
  • Permanent partial disability. The majority of permanent disability benefit claims are for permanent partial disabilities (PPD). You will be eligible for PPD if you will eventually be able to return to work, either at your old job or in a different occupation. The amount paid in benefits for PPD will depend on the severity of the disability and the parts of the body that have been affected.
  • Permanent total disability. If an injury has left a worker completely unable to work in any occupation, he or she may be eligible for permanent total disability (PTD). Beneficiaries of PTD are paid at a rate two-thirds of their average weekly wage, and these benefits are payable as long as the disability continues.

Scheduled Injuries and Other Factors in Your DBA Compensation

The estimated recovery time for your injury is only one factor in determining compensation. For instance, permanent disabilities are awarded according to whether you have suffered a scheduled disability or an unscheduled disability. These categories award different levels of compensation for injuries sustained to specific body parts. To find out how much your DBA case could be worth, contact our firm today by filling out the quick contact form on this page.

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