When can I expect to receive my personal injury settlement check?

Settlement checks are typically mailed within one month after you submit the release form to the insurance company.

The Disbursement Process

A typical settlement disbursement process includes the following steps:

  • The first step in receiving a settlement check is to sign a release. This document settles your claim, and permanently bars you from seeking additional compensation from the defendant for your injuries. The insurance company won’t send a check for your damages without this release.
  • Once the insurance company receives your signed release form, a check will be issued. The settlement check is typically made out to your attorney, rather than to you. Many insurance companies are large, bureaucratic organizations, and settlement checks must be approved by many different people at different levels. In some instances, your claim may be processed in one state office, while your check is issued by an office in a different state. This can sometimes take weeks to complete.
  • When your attorney receives the check, he may hold it in escrow until it clears, which can take a few days. If you have any liens against the proceeds from your settlement, such as for unpaid child support, your attorney will pay those. He will also handle any medical bills that are still unpaid, and your attorney may also have to repay any insurance company that has paid your medical bills.
  • Your attorney will deduct the legal fees he is entitled to from the settlement proceeds, along with any out-of-pocket expenses associated with your case.
  • Once all deductions have been made, you’ll receive the balance via a check from your attorney’s office, along with a statement detailing how the proceeds were disbursed.

You Need an Attorney

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