Who’s responsible for my physical therapy bills after a truck collision?

Neck, knee, back, and shoulder injuries frequently require physical therapy. This treatment method involves the use of exercise, heat, and massage, rather than surgery or drugs.

If you need physical therapy for injuries sustained due to a truck driver’s negligence, your treatment costs should be included in your recovery of damages.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Truck accident victims frequently need physical therapy to help them recover from injuries they have sustained. These ailments are often difficult to identify, since soft tissue damage typically isn’t visible on an x-ray or MRI.

Therapy may increase mobility, flexibility, and muscle strength by repairing damaged tissue, and it can also prevent the formation of scar tissue. A physical therapist can teach a patient how to stretch and strengthen his body, safely increase his level of physical activity, and improve his health over time.

Physical Therapy Treatments

Physical therapy typically costs between $50 and $350 per session. Due to these high costs and lengthy treatment periods, insurance companies often resist paying for physical therapy. To ensure these expenses are included in a truck accident claim, it’s important to provide proof that the injuries requiring treatment were caused by the collision, and document the need for treatment with medical records.

Depending on the types of injuries sustained in the accident, many physical therapy treatments are available, including:

  • Reducing muscle spasms with ultrasound
  • Improving circulation and relaxing muscles with heat therapy
  • Reducing pain and swelling with cold therapy
  • Improving muscle strength with exercise
  • Reducing the sensation of pain with electric stimulation

You Need an Attorney

If you’ve sustained truck accident injuries that require physical therapy, the trucking company’s insurance carrier will likely be skeptical of your claim. These injuries can be difficult to prove, so seek medical care as soon as possible, and consult an experienced attorney to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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