Why won’t my doctor see me after a car crash?

You are in a frustrating and scary situation. The doctor you trust to treat your injuries and illnesses is refusing to see you after you have been hurt in a car accident, and you may not know where to turn.

Doctors have different reasons for refusing to treat car accident victims. However, most of the time, doctors refuse to see people who are hurt in car crashes because it creates additional work for them. Billing may be more complicated than it is for other health issues. It isn’t only your health insurance company that’s involved, but it may also be multiple car insurance companies.

Additionally, doctors may have to do more paperwork or get involved in your car accident lawsuit, and many doctors simply don’t want these additional responsibilities.

How to Get the Medical Help You Need After a Crash

Even if you understand your doctor’s reasons for not wanting to treat you, you’re still left needing medical care. You have a couple of options. You can:

  • Talk to your personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer may approach your doctor with a letter of protection that explains how your doctor will be paid out of your future car accident settlement. This may be enough to convince your regular doctor to treat you after a car wreck if your health insurance won’t cover your car accident treatment and your doctor is worried about getting paid from a car insurance company or if you’re uninsured.
  • See a different doctor. Not all doctors refuse to treat car accident victims. You have the right to seek care from a different doctor, and you should do so as soon as possible. A doctor who treats car accident victims knows what injuries to look for, how to treat car crash injuries, and how to document injuries appropriately.

You may feel abandoned by your primary care doctor, but you’re not alone. Our experienced car crash lawyers are available to make sure that your rights are protected after a Texas car crash. Call us or reach out to us via this website today to schedule a free and confidential consultation about protecting your legal rights and financial recovery.

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