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Final Destination: When a Truck Reaches Its Delivery Point, It May Still Pose a Risk

When the media talks about dangerous trucks, they usually highlight huge rigs speeding down the highway or show pictures of serious jackknife accidents and other crashes. In fact, when it comes to most vehicles, people rarely equate “parked” with “dangerous.”

So why the blog post dedicated to trucks that are not even moving? Believe it or not, collisions with trucks that are stopped and off the road are not uncommon. Whether the driver of the car is being negligent or the truck driver has not taken the proper steps to prevent a collision, it doesn’t take high speeds to invite an accident.

Why Are Stopped Trucks So Dangerous?

Truthfully, a stopped truck is the safest it will ever be. The danger comes, however, when the stopped truck is not visible. Have you ever pulled off at a rest stop late at night and come upon a truck pulled off to the side of the exit ramp that you hadn’t noticed? Fortunately, these trucks are off the road and out of your way, but a truck that is making a delivery to a business may be concealed around a corner in a busy lot and you may not see it until it is too late.

In situations where a truck blocks the flow of traffic, be it in the road or in a movement area of a parking lot, the truck’s driver must take extra care to create a “safety zone” that protects the truck from traffic. Typically orange cones or flares can do the trick. A truck stopped at night may not be visible if lights or reflectors on the trailer are dirty or missing, so the driver should make sure that’s not the case. If a driver has not taken care to warn others of his stopped truck, he may be at fault if a car coming around a blind corner hits him.

You Have a Responsibility for Your Own Safety, Too

Driving with caution is still your ultimate defense from being involved in a truck accident. Navigating carefully through the city or parking lots can help you ensure that both you and your car stay in one piece, even in the busiest of places!

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