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Think Houston Highways Are Bad? So Do Professional Truck Drivers

Houston is famous for a lot of things: its booming oil industry, our relatively pleasant weather, our sports teams, and our terrible traffic congestion. People from around the country who have dared to brave our highway system emerge impressed and stressed by our packed highways.

Unfortunately, these busy highways lead to more accidents, fatigued infrastructure, and generally more dangerous driving conditions for all involved. While New Yorkers and Los Angeles residents may think that they take the cake as far as traffic problems, truck drivers across the country agree that Houston comes out on top.

Have You Noticed More Trucks on Our Highways? You’re Not Alone!

The American Transportation Research Institute performed a study of over 250 locations and intersections across the nation, comparing truck and freight congestion at each one. By using special software along with truck company data, it was able to compile a list of the top 10 most congested highway intersections in the nation.

While New York, Chicago, and Atlanta boast the intersections that took the top three spots respectively, Houston is the only city that claimed two spots on the top ten. In fact, no state was mentioned more than once in the top 10 other than Texas, with a whopping three mentions (Austin’s I-35 took the number 10 spot).

Houston earned mentions twice, making an “impressive” showing in the middle of the pack. What interchanges earned top billing from truck drivers around the nation as some of the busiest out there?

  • Fifth Most Congested in the Nation: I-45 at US 59
  • Sixth Most Congested in the Nation: I-610 at US 290

Few Houston residents would be surprised by this, and yet clearly it must be addressed. Truck traffic is well above safe levels in these areas, and accidents are common along these interchanges and surrounding stretches of highway.

When accidents do occur on over-capacity highways, who is to blame? The liability game becomes difficult in this situation, which can greatly complicate your injury case. Could the state or city be held responsible for improper structural maintenance and improvements? Should truck drivers be made to take alternate routes to clear the road for smaller vehicles?

What are your ideas for improving truck congestion in Houston? We’d love to hear! Sound off in the comment section below, or start a conversation by sharing this article on social media!

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