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If you are in a truck accident, you will want to gather all possible forms of evidence to prove your claim. However, some forms of evidence may be easier to obtain than others are to obtain, which is why you will need help from a Houston truck accident attorney.

One piece of evidence that could be helpful is a driver qualification file. This contains pertinent information on the truck driver. It can show if the driver meets qualifications related to a number of items.

Some of the information contained in a driver qualification file includes:

  • driving records;
  • training certificates;
  • applications;
  • employment history;
  • copies of licenses;
  • test results from alcohol/drug testing;
  • results from road tests;
  • hours of services on road; and
  • medical certifications.

Of course, other qualifications must be met to operate a commercial vehicle, load and unload it, and more. If there is a violation or any other evidence showing the driver shouldn’t have been behind the wheel, it may lead to liability not only against the driver but also against the trucking company.

When it comes to collecting evidence in a truck accident claim, you will need an ample amount to prove the driver’s liability.

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