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Accident Reconstruction Can Build a Stronger Injury Claim

While liability for some accidents is cut and dried, in a multiple-car pileup it can be difficult to determine exactly who (or what) was at fault. As a result, even though you were a victim of someone else’s negligence, without a clear picture of what happened the insurance company may drastically reduce your injury settlement. However, there is an option that you can take which will help paint a clearer picture of the accident and strengthen your claim.

That option? Accident reconstruction.

Accident reconstruction is a complex scientific process that uses information, photos, and witness accounts to piece together the story that lead to your injuries. To begin the investigation, a reconstruction specialist will meet with and interview the client. He or she will then go to the scene of the accident to take photos and collect evidence. After reviewing all of the important information, the specialist may create a diagram of the scene or use a computer program to reconstruct the accident. So, if the other driver really was negligent but is denying it, an accident reconstruction expert will be able to shed light on how the accident really occurred.

Accident Reconstruction Strengths

A trial has many elements, including statements by the attorneys, testimony by witnesses, and physical evidence of the accident scene. The clearer the picture you paint for the jury, the better. Therefore, if liability is in question, your lawyer may want to utilize accident reconstruction to retell the story of your accident. By providing the judge and jury with a narrative of the scene, they can get a better sense of what truly happened—rather than speculate what happened.

In addition to placing a clearer narrative of the accident, a reconstruction can also provide additional benefits, such as:

  • Providing expert testimony. An accident reconstruction specialist not only helps your attorney prepare the case, but he may also testify in court on your behalf. Functioning as an expert witness, the specialist can provide the information to the judge or jury in an effort to win your case.
  • Substantiating your injuries. When your insurance company denies your claim because it thinks your injuries couldn’t possibly be as severe as you state, a reconstruction specialist can help. A reconstruction expert can verify that the angles, force, and momentum of your accident could indeed result in your exact catastrophic injuries.
  • Promoting sympathy. By being able to show detailed accounts of what happened to you, the reconstruction specialist gives the judge and jury a chance to empathize with you as they essentially live through your accident frame-by-frame. As a result, they are more likely to sympathize and be on your side.

Getting you the financial compensation you deserve. Once the jury is on your side, they will be more willing to agree on a settlement worthy on your injuries.

Although accident reconstruction can be expensive, it may be worth the expense to get the settlement and closure you deserve.

Constructing a Strong Case

To give yourself the best possible chance of winning an injury lawsuit, it is highly recommended that you hire an experienced injury lawyer to guide you through the process.

When pursuing a claim, you and your attorney need to construct the best possible case to stand up to the insurance company—and this means telling the jury the best possible story about the accident. An experienced attorney can help you decide the best course of action to do just that, whether it be accident reconstruction or not. Contact us today to review your options and see how we can help you strongly and effectively pursue your claim.

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