Posted by : attorney stevelee

Hurricane Ike has really done a number on Houston, and while the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as it was in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, we can expect some similar behaviors from the insurance companies.

The link below leads to an article that gives you some very good advice on how to get your claim moving efficiently. A lot of it is common sense, like keeping a record of any and all correspondence with your insurers, and to make sure that you don’t rush it when it comes to having your property inspected. Remember, once you accept a settlement from an insurance company, they are usually under no real obligation to come back and take a second look.

Hurricanes are always tricky, in that insurance companies are always looking for an excuse to claim that the damage was caused by water and not wind. But you are not required to just passively sit there and accept whatever decision the insurance company comes to.

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