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Maritime Drinking and Drug Use Accidents

Maritime accidents occur due to many different factors, but those caused by drug and alcohol use are some of the most devastating. According to a 2016 United States Coast Guard report, alcohol use is the primary reason for fatal boat accidents. When maritime workers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they can cause accidents that lead to horrific consequences.

Maritime Alcohol and Drug Risks

Maritime workers must remain attentive and alert at all times, and that’s unlikely to happen for those under the influence of substances. While these employees certainly bear some responsibility for their actions on the job, their employers may also be held liable for the damage they cause. A responsible maritime employer will:

  • Have strict policies prohibiting the use of alcohol and drugs.
  • Enforce their ban on substance use through routine drug and alcohol testing.
  • Remove employees from positions when their substance use jeopardizes the safety of others.

Maritime Alcohol and Drug Accidents

When maritime employees work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they may cause serious accidents including:

  • Crane incidents. Cranes are inherently dangerous since they often handle loads weighing hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Operating a crane while under the influence of drugs or alcohol may cause a worker to drop the load on other employees, or strike them when the load swings out of control. Injuries caused by these accidents may include neck and back problems, broken bones, lacerations, and crushed or severed limbs.
  • Collisions. A maritime worker operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances may cause a devastating collision with another ship, a bridge, or a pier. Accidents like these often result in co-workers suffering broken and fractured bones, hypothermia and shock, and even drowning.

Receiving Compensation

If you were injured in a maritime accident due to the irresponsible actions of an intoxicated coworker, you might be eligible for compensation from your employer. This may include benefits covering your past, current, and future lost wages; medical bills; and pain and suffering.

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