Do You Clean a Barge For a Living? Watch Out for Invisible Hazards

Barges play a key role in the maritime transportation industry and it is not uncommon for a barge to transport various chemicals, oil, coal, trash, or other materials. Once barges have delivered their cargo, they need to be cleaned and prepared for their next job, especially if hazardous chemicals or flammable materials are involved. Unfortunately, because individuals who clean barges are doing so to eliminate dangers and prevent accidents, they are also putting themselves in harm’s way.

Cleaning a Barge Can Be Risky Business

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) knows the risks of barge cleaning operations and provides information to people who perform this type of work. They say that some of the biggest threats to a person’s health and safety include:

  • Inhalation of dangerous chemicals
  • Explosions and fires because of flammable materials
  • Skin contact from chemical exposures
  • Excessive noise from high-pressure cleaning equipment
  • The generation of static electricity
  • Exposure to slippery working surfaces and tripping hazards
  • Respiratory issues due to poor ventilation
  • Biological hazards from sewage, human waste, fungi, molds, and decomposing organic products

There are even more ways a barge cleaner could be endangered while performing their job and safety training is of the utmost importance in this type of position.

Call a Maritime Injury Lawyer to Seek Help

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