Three Reasons You Need an Attorney After Suffering a Truck Accident Injury

Truck accident cases are not the same as car accident cases. Although any type of traffic accident can be brutal, truck accidents increase the brutalities tenfold.

  • Injuries and damages are more severe in truck accidents. The size and weight of trucks cause more damage than smaller vehicles when they collide into one another.
  • Recovery time is longer. The worse the injuries, the more time it will take for them to heal.
  • Liability factors increase. Rather than suing one driver, a truck collision can open a lawsuit up to numerous defendants (driver, truck company, manufacturer, etc.).
  • Legal frustrations increase. Rather than dealing with just another driver and his insurance company, you’ll be dealing with the driver, his insurance, the trucking company they work for, and the company’s own private legal team and investigators)

As a result of these inherent difficulties, immediately after your collision, you’re already behind in securing a strong injury claim. While you’re unconscious and being transported to the hospital, there is a good chance the truck driver’s insurance company and company lawyers are at the accident scene beginning to build their case. Truck companies have a lot of money on the line when one of their drivers is in an accident, and they don’t fool around. Right out of the gate, they’ll have huge advantages over you—that is, unless you have the added advantage of your own team of experienced litigators fighting for your bottom line.

How Can an Attorney Help?

When you hire a truck accident attorney, you’re letting a professional handle the legal side of things while you focus on healing and recovering from your injuries. However, an experienced attorney can and will provide much more than just protection against the insurance company and peace of mind during your recovery…much more.

Most Americans aren’t aware of what their rights are and what they’re entitled to in compensation when they get injured. Furthermore, insurance companies do not willingly hand out large sums of money upon request. This is where your attorney comes in—to fight for you and your rights by:

  • Educating. He will discuss your case in full detail and answer all your questions and concerns about the legal side of your claim. He’ll also lay out and explain your rights and expectations.
  • Gathering evidence. A good attorney has the resources and skills to secure vital pieces of evidence that your case needs to prove the extent of damages and liability.
  • Negotiating. To prevent having to pay large settlements truck companies have teams of lawyers and insurance adjusters fighting for them. These teams can be ruthless and will do anything to keep their client happy. Don’t you deserve the same? An experienced truck accident attorney knows the game and can negotiate with these teams to make sure that your rights are being upheld.

Having a lawyer that has a complete understanding of your rights as a truck accident victim is crucial to securing the compensation that will help pay for your lost property, medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of income.

Securing Your Team

The best way to figure out how to proceed in your truck accident case is to contact an experienced attorney right away. He can not only answer your questions but also guide you through the process. If you have questions about your rights, options, or how to begin the process of a personal injury lawsuit, there are multiple ways to get your questions answered:

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