The Value of an Accident: Is Pursuing an Accident Claim Worth the Hassle?

When deciding on whether to pursue an injury claim for your car accident the following question will inevitably enter your mind: “Is it worth it?”

Although many accident lawyers will tell you, “Yes, it’s always worth it,” the truth of the matter is that there’s no solid formula for determining how much a case’s settlement will be worth. Every case is unique and has its own deciding factors for potential compensation. However, even though a settlement amount can’t be guaranteed (and if a lawyer claims that it can you should run in the opposite direction), an experienced attorney can help you estimate the worth by valuing the special factors associated with your particular accident.

Our experienced attorneys will look at all the specifics of your claim to help you determine a fair amount for all of your expenses (past and future). It’s important to note that although previous successful cases may be used for guidance, we will never guarantee our clients the same outcome as another—and you wouldn’t want us to. Your case is unique and you deserve more than a hollow promise—you deserve honesty and personal attention.

Accident Factors That Affect Your Claim

As you review the details and evidence of your accident you can begin to see how much your case may be worth.

There are three basic types of damages that we (and the courts) look at to determine case value:

  • Current damages. The three easiest factors to help determine potential compensation value are current medical expenses, loss of income, and property damage. These are all definite figures that have already been determined at the time of the case and can, therefore, be easily proven.
  • Estimated future damages. Estimating future medical expenses and future lost wages are all much more difficult factors to calculate as they haven’t yet occurred. You may require an expert to help you determine a fair value that can be justified to the court.
  • Non-economic damages (pain and suffering). One of the most ambiguous factors when determining damages is fair compensation for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering cannot have a specific price tag; the value is largely based on how much the jury perceives your accident has impacted your personal quality of life. A seasoned lawyer will help guide the jury to empathize with your emotional situation in order to get the best compensation he can on your behalf.

The financial amounts of all of these damages depend on your own personal situation concerning your injuries, employment, and living situation. When the jury is examining the evidence they’ll take all of the factors you present to them into consideration—which means your evidence needs to be concise, empathetic, and meaningful.

The Big Calculation: What Is the Price Tag for Your Injuries?

If you are facing serious or permanent injuries following a car accident, you need a dependable friend to help you drop worthless anxieties and calculate the true value of pursuing a claim. Attorney Steve Lee is that friend. Contact us at 713-921-4171 or 1-800-232-3711 to get the help and reassurance you want to get the compensation you need.

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