Tackling Common Tug Boat Accidents

Tugboats are one of the busiest vessels in the marine industry. From pulling endangered ships and boats to safety, to fighting fires, tugboats are strong, resilient, and necessary, as are tug boat workers. They are dedicated, loyal, and won’t stop until the job is complete.

If you work on a tugboat in Houston, you’ve likely seen your fair share of accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, tugboat seamen are exposed to danger on a regular basis. As a result, life-changing and even fatal injuries can occur.

Typical Tug Boat Accidents

Tugboats and their workers save the lives of people and vessels every day. Moving along narrow channels and difficult-to-navigate rivers frequently puts them in dangerous situations. Although accidents are caused by a variety of different reasons, some of the more common are:

  • On-board hazards. Slick surfaces on a boat are often inevitable, but they are still quite dangerous. Slipping and falling on a boat can cause serious injuries. Additionally, improper training and safety equipment can lead to accidents, as well.
  • Capsizing. Because of their size and the nature of their jobs, tugboats are prone to capsizing. This type of catastrophe is often caused by operational hazards within the vessel. Capsizing can lead to numerous fatalities.
  • Vessel collisions. Tugboats that have poorly-maintained navigational equipment and unqualified personnel on the bridge are prone to colliding with other vessels. Furthermore, their smaller size makes it difficult for other vessels to see them, which can cause crashes.
  • Mechanical breakdowns. Broken ladders, power outages, and defective equipment on board can cause dangerous conditions and accidents.

Tugboat Workers Have Rights

If your employer didn’t provide you with a safe place to work and you were injured because of it, you have rights. Your injuries can cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills and time away from work. Attorney Steve Lee doesn’t think you should be held responsible if accident wasn’t your fault. If you feel the same way, contact our offices today.

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