Construction Site Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

As a construction worker, you place yourself at risk for serious injuries on a daily basis. In addition to working with heavy machinery, you’re often forced to complete jobs on rushed deadlines and at dangerous heights. These risks can lead to serious on-the-job accidents that can put you out of commission for days, weeks, months, or potentially, forever.

Construction Site Risks and Workers’ Compensation

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) considers construction sites as some of the most dangerous workplace environments for American workers. Construction site accidents account for one out of every five fatalities in the private sector. The construction accidents that aren’t fatal account for thousands of victims every year being unable to return to work as a result of their injuries; sustained injuries range from broken bones, light burns, and cuts to paralysis, amputations, brain and spinal trauma, or death.

To protect construction workers from catastrophic injuries, OSHA has instigated strict safety rules for construction sites and employers. However, accidents still happen as a result of negligence, incompetence, and indifference. This is where workers’ compensation laws come into play.

Workers’ compensation protects construction workers who have been seriously injured at work by providing financial support cover medical bills and lost wages. The most common construction site injuries that are eligible for workers’ comp result from the following:

  • Electrical accidents. Electricians aren’t the only ones in danger of suffering from electrocution. Construction sites often have live electrical wires and exposed power lines to charge tools as well as for integration into the construction project. Working near these power sources and dealing with defective equipment can result in electric shock or electrocution if the exposed wires touch metal, water, or skin.
  • Equipment accidents. Heavy machinery and power tools are dangerous when used improperly. Unfortunately, they’re also difficult to control in construction site conditions. Furthermore, defective tools or equipment can increase the risk for accidents like crane collapses, scaffold falls, and nail gun punctures.
  • Falling debris accidents. Construction sites often rise many stories off the ground. Too often, debris such as tools, building materials, and trash fall from the upper levels and strike workers below. Even a hard hat can’t provide enough protection to prevent a falling object from causing head and brain injuries when it hits a construction worker.
  • Fall accidents. Falls account for many injuries and deaths among construction workers each year. Falls can occur from any number of things, ranging from a wobbly ladder to insecure scaffolding.

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