Overcoming Stressful Injury Claim Barriers From the Get-Go

Every Texas personal injury case is unique and no two will settle the same. That being said, there is a standard procedure that an injury case goes through before you can claim your settlement. Every stage of this procedure has its own difficulties. Unfortunately, the first stage is one of the hardest to get through—especially when you don’t have the helping hand of an attorney. The initial filing requires an overwhelming amount of work, and it comes at a devastatingly strained period in your life—during the aftermath of the accident and your recovery.

Filing Obstacles to Overcome

Filing a personal injury claim requires more than just describing your injuries and requesting financial compensation for those injuries. The filing process, just as the overall claim procedure, is made up of several stages. In your injured condition, you may think of them as several obstacles to overcome:

  • First obstacle: gathering information. Preparing to file a car accident claim requires detailed information about the cars and drivers involved in the collision. This info must include the make, model, year, license plate number (including the state of registration), and vehicle type (sedan, coupe, crossover) of each car. Driver information includes name, address, phone number, license number, and insurance policy number for each driver involved. If you have been unable to secure this information at the scene, a diligent attorney can acquire it through the police report.
  • Second obstacle: recounting the accident. A full description of the accident—as detailed as possible—must be included in the claim. Details should include your version of what happened; the location of the crash (streets, intersections, and other landmarks); the position of vehicles before, during, and after the collision; and any other details—weather conditions, traffic density, etc.—that may be pertinent to the cause of the accident or your injuries. If you’re unable to record details immediately following the collision, an attorney can help gather the information needed as well as help you remember particulars by asking specific questions.
  • Third obstacle: informing the insurance company. You must inform the insurance company that you’re filing a claim. This doesn’t mean that you have to (nor should you) attempt to settle the claim at this point. You merely need to inform the company of your intentions so they will expect the claim. This is one of the more stressful obstacles, as you must deal with the fast-talking and manipulative adjusters. By allowing your attorney to handle the discussion you can avoid any stress or anxiety that may come from talking to the adjusters directly.
  • Fourth obstacle: obtaining forms. You will need to acquire the necessary blank driver crash report form as well as any accident reports filed through the police. To save time and effort, your injury attorney can acquire all necessary forms for you.
  • Fifth obstacle: completing the form. All information you obtained earlier must be completely and legibly entered into the form. On the rear part of the form, you’ll be asked to provide the accident description, along with identifying the vehicle positions on a schematic. Again, to save time, worry, and stress your attorney can transcribe all of this information on your behalf.
  • Sixth obstacle: copying and sending the forms. Injury claims valued at less than $10,000 dollars are to be filed in the Texas justice court or the Texas constitutional county court. Claims worth more than $10,000 are to be filed in the appropriate Texas county court. In addition to the court, the insurance company will also require a copy and copies may be needed for potential trial purposes. You need to secure the original and allow your attorney to send all necessary copies to the appropriate places.

Hurdling the Obstacles Ahead

Your case is a serious matter that requires painstaking organization, hard work, and careful attention to obtain the maximum settlement. A seasoned attorney who knows exactly what you are going through can give you the support, experience, and knowledge necessary to help you get through the procedure unscathed. He’ll not only obtain all pertinent documentation but he’ll also help:

  • Gather the information required to complete the forms
  • Translate police records for your better understanding
  • Encourage you to remember facts that you may have otherwise forgotten
  • Acquire witness statements to back your story and claim

…and much more.

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