Car Crash Facial and Dental Injuries

Facial and dental injuries are among the most common injuries caused by a vehicle collision. Since facial and dental injuries often occur during serious car accidents, they are sometimes overlooked in favor of treating more severe injuries. However, these injuries should be treated to avoid creating further long-term damage.

Face and Dental Injury Causes

Injuries to the face and teeth may be caused by:

  • Shattered glass.
  • Flying debris.
  • Contact with a side window.
  • Contact with the dashboard or steering wheel.
  • A vehicle occupant being ejected from the car.
  • A vehicle occupant going through the windshield.
  • Contact with the airbag. Airbags inflate rapidly, at a rate of up to 200 miles per hour.

Types of Face and Dental Injuries

Injuries to the face and teeth may include:

  • Lacerations. Deep cuts on the face can result in permanent scarring.
  • Burns. Fires and explosions can result in facial burns. Skin grafting is frequently needed, and the victim is often left with permanent facial scars.
  • Eye injuries. Eyes may be damaged by flying debris, and serious eye injuries can lead to blindness.
  • Bone fractures. Any bones in the face may be broken in a vehicle accident, including the mandible, nasal bones, and the maxilla.
  • Facial deformities. Facial bone damage may lead to permanent deformities, which can have a lasting impact on the victim’s physical appearance.
  • Dental injuries. The three most common types of injuries to the teeth include fractures, avulsed teeth, and luxated teeth. When a tooth is knocked completely out of its socket, this is known as an avulsed tooth. If the tooth remains outside of the mouth for more than two hours, there is little chance of tooth survival. Teeth may also be fractured during an accident, and they are treated similarly to avulsed teeth. A luxated tooth is one that has been loosened, but not completely knocked out. Normally, a dentist can simply push the tooth back into position.

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