On-the-Job Accidents Happen When Aerial Lift Fall Protection is Misused

You’ve probably seen aerial lifts throughout Houston being used for a variety of different tasks: working on utility lines, window washing, hanging seasonal decorations or even trimming trees. Aerial lifts are any vehicle-mounted device used to elevate people, and they have begun to replace scaffolding and ladders on some job sites due to their flexibility. Unfortunately, aerial lifts are dangerous heavy machinery and many workers are injured or killed on these lifts every year.

Only properly trained personnel should be permitted to use an aerial lift on a job site because there are too many different things that can go wrong. It is not uncommon for aerial lifts to tip over, collapse, or become entangled with electrical wires—all situations that can seriously injure or kill a person. Employees trained to use aerial lifts on the job should be well versed in all safety measures, including how to protect themselves and others from falls. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists many different ways to protect against aerial lift falls, including:

  • Stand firmly on the floor of the bucket or lift platform.
  • Make sure that any access gates or openings are completely closed.
  • Never climb on or lean over guardrails or handrails
  • Use a body harness or restraining belt with a lanyard attached to the boom or bucket.
  • Do not belt-off to adjacent structures or poles while in the bucket.
  • Do not use planks, ladders, or other devices as a working position.

If an aerial lift worker is properly trained and following these rules when injured, it is possible that the accident may have been caused by the negligence of another person or persons. In this situation, they may have a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim case and should speak with an attorney to learn more about their options for recovery and compensation.

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